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eight alleged victims are expected to face jerry sandusky across the courtroom sometime next week. abc news reporteds the eight young men plan to testify against the defensive coordinator during a preliminary hearing next tuesday. sandusky's lawyer says he is looking forward to questioning any alleged victims. sandusky faces 40 counts of child sex abuse. inappropriate contact with the eight boys over a 15 year period. imagine, you wake up one day to imagine you have the same name as jerry sandusky. >> that's what happened recently to a maryland sports caster who is spending a lot of time trying to distant himself from his name. >> the long time sports director of wbal television in baltimore has always been proud of his name. >> i have a good name. >> first because of his father, a former profootball player and coach. >> my dad is the interim head coach of the colts that year. >> after that for the past twenty years, because he himself has accomplished as a sports anchor and the radio voice of the baltimore ravens. but last month when former penn state football coach was charged
we have always been ready to defend. this is the fight of jerry sandusky's life. >> lawyers are furious. accusing the former football coach of icing the kicker. calling a timeout, even as the alleged victims are just about to testify about some of the most horrible events of their lives. >> putting these kids through this and pulling it at the last minute is just a total disregard for them and is further abuse. >> sandusky stands charged with 50 counts of abusing boys as young as 10 years old. who he met through his charity for disadvantaged children. prosecutors say it was monday night they learned that sandusky would waive the hearing. >> i'm not that surprised. >> when the case goes to trial, look for sandusky's lawyers to launch an attack on the alleged victim's motives. >> what greater motivation than money? i have seen money break up families. >> many of those alleged victims you already heard have hired lawyers. they are plotting to go after sandusky's assets. the assets of the second mile charity and penn state's deep pockets. those lawyers say that is just the
coach jerry sandusky breaks her silence. i'll have that story, coming up. i'm matthew barry from arlington virginia, i want to give a shout out to my mom and dad and sister and all my friends. merry christmas, see you soon. >>> tonight prosecutors continue to build their sex abuse case against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. >>> now questions are being raised about what his wife knew. >> reporter: the wife of jerry sandusky is responding to allegations that she may have known her husband was sexually abusing boys in their home. through her husband's attorney, dottie sandusky says she has been devastated by the false accusations that such a terrible incident ever occurred in my home. she says she and her husband don't know why these young men have made these false accusations, but we want everyone to know they are untrue. one accuser told the grand jury sandusky's wife was home while he was attacked in the basement and yelled for help. the former coach is under house arrest. his attorney says the scandal will overshadow the sanduskys forever. >> public o
with obstructing a public highway. lesley? >> delia, thank you. >>> former penn state coach jerry sandusky has been arrested again. drew levinson reports sandusky now facing 12 new charges after two new young men came forward to report that he sexually abused them. >> reporter: police walked jerry sandusky from his home wearing handcuffs. the former penn state football coach now faces charges of abusing two young boys. that brings the number of alleged victims to 10. before the arrest, sandusky's attorney responded to reports that another accuser has come forward. >> jerry has denied the allegations as he has the original allegations. but we're hoping we'll get more information as we proceed. >> reporter: sandusky went on record after the initial allegations denying the charges while admitting he was very physical with many boys even sleeping with them alone in hotel rooms, showering with them and touching their legs. sandusky said it was completely innocent. >> a lot of people find it inappropriate, but it's not criminal to get a shower. in fact, i think the way jerry has described it, the kids wi
on him. >> i think this young man was taken advantage of by jerry sandusky. i think jerry sandusky robbed this young man of his innocence, robbed him of his youth. >> reporter: sandusky insists he is innocent and his lawyer will do his best to raise questions about the alleged victim's credibility. >> a lot of people find that inappropriate. but it is not criminal. they the way jerry described it the kids with whom he showered were basically like his own kids. >> reporter: sandusky's lawyer may question mike mcqueary especially sharply. the assistant coach told a grand jury he saw and heard sandusky raping a young boy in a locker room shower. but in 2002 mcqueary may have told a family friend all he saw was a young boy's arm pulled back and then sandusky walking out in a towel. >> i can't imagine him having any reason to make up what he saw. >> reporter: despite ten different victims, alleged victims, now coming forward, jerry sandusky's lawyer said today that he is not, is not, talking to prosecutors about a possible plea bargain. back to you all in washington. >>> thanks bruce. >>> turn
. >> we have a star studded tribute coming your way. how about that? >>> this is jerry sandusky accused penn state pedophile. this local man is jerry sandusky, what's in a name? >> you have no idea. matt jablow reports, the wrong sandusky. 9news now tonight at 11:00. >>> the 34รก9 annual kennedy center honors gala took place here in washington last night. >> indeed it did. singer barbra cook and neil diamond, and composure, and actress, meryl streep among the honorees. >> for washington, d.c., this is as hollywood as it gets. where the popular meets the powerful. paying tribute to those special artists of our time among the five kennedy center honorees, meryl streep. >> i'm continually struck by how perfectly she inhabits, and portrays such a wide range of characters. >> song writer and performer, neil diamond. >> when it comes to neil diamond, i am a believer. we are all believers. >> cellist. >> we celebrate the cellist. he doesn't just play the cello, he rocks it. >> jazz great, sonny rollins. >> sonny tonight, welcome home. >> and theater legend, barbra cook. who made he
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6